Multipet Komodo Coconut Coir Chip Bedding (6pk) (6pk)

Multipet Komodo

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Komodo Coconut Coir Chip Reptile Bedding Bricks give your pets a healthy, comfortable, and natural environment to live in. Our products are 100% natural, and any foreign materials are removed through the max-washed process. Coconut Coir Chip Reptile bedding is GREAT at retaining moisture for regulating humid environments. Easy to break off blocks allow you to use only as much as needed to custom fit to your tank which means less product is wasted.

HOW TO USE: Remove the brick from packaging (please recycle or compost our biodegradable packaging) and add water to the compressed hard block. It will immediately start to expand and turns to a rich, golden color with fully moisture absorbed particles. Break up and lay on base of terrarium. *Can be used damp for tropical species or dry for desert species*