Dogline Soft Leather Round Slip Collar


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Slip/Choke Collar measurements are provided according to its fully open position. When measuring your dog, please measure their neck size and add 2 inches.

Made of 100% Soft Genuine Leather, the Choke Collar is the next generation of super soft/durable collars and leashes that provide exceptional comfort and support for the dog and its owner. The best feature of our Soft Genuine Leather Choke Collars is that it provides special control and most importantly safety in any situation.

These collars are available in 3 earthy colors and 9 different lengths that are suitable for any breed and size of dog. All collars are handmade and stitched with wax thread. These slip collars will not stretch and will not break as our European technology features nylon cord wrapped in leather. The picture does not do enough justice for these collars; you have to feel the leather to appreciate how soft it is. The leather is dyed; it is not painted over the top which means the color will not come off or fade.

3 Colors and 9 Sizes Available
Super Soft and Durable, 100% Genuine Leather
Will not stretch (nylon cord wrapped in leather)
Comfort and Support

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